Our Clients

Business executives

Mark is 45. He is an entrepreneur. Ten years ago he started a solar panel installation business with his brother. He set up his workshop in his garage. Now their company has nine employees and generates $26 million of annual revenue. The company is growing fast. They add 10-15% of revenue and one employee every year. Mark is concerned about turnover and wants to offer a workplace retirement plan for his employees.

Mark has almost all his savings tied up to his business. He has some retirement money from his previous employer and owns few stocks that he purchased a couple of years ago. Mark feels that he needs to set more money aside for retirement and wants to go on a long-promised trip to Europe with his wife. They have two young children and wants to open up a college fund for them.

We can help Mark and other business owners like him to kick start their investment and retirement portfolio by balancing between their business liquidity needs and decreasing their concentrated exposure to a single industry. We reconstruct their portfolios to minimize the effects of volatile and unexpected changes to the market value of their holdings.

We offer our fiduciary platform to our business client who seek to establish new workplace retirement plans for their business or want to optimize their existing employee retirement plans.

HealthCare professionals

Eva is 38. She is a doctor. She graduated from a medical school a few years ago and found a job at a private hospital. She was offered a great salary and benefits. Eva wants to save money for her first home purchase but is also worried about her student debt. She wants to contribute more to her retirement account and set some money aside for emergencies.

We work with our healthcare professional to establish their financial goals and retirement plans. We adopt our financial planning process to help our clients balance between their current income needs, retirement saving goals and managing their student debt. We manage their financial and portfolio

Startup professionals

Arman, 32. He is a web developer and works for a startup. He joined the company when there were only five of them. His company grew very fast and now has more than 100 employees. The management even discussed issuing an IPO soon. Arman has a portfolio of employee stock options and restricted stocks. He wants to manage his potential gains when his company goes public. He is worried about the taxes and wants to save money for his wedding.

We help our clients working in startup companies manage their employee stock options (ESO), restricted shares and low-cost stocks. We understand the financial risks and tax implications which our clients face. We strive to minimize the impact of taxes and reduce their risk from concentrated exposure. We encourage our clients to stay disciplined and strategic in their approach to maximize the benefits from their company shares and stock options.