Individuals & Families


Babylon Wealth Management offers personalized financial planning solutions to individuals & families. Our services emphasize on our clients’ specific goals, lifestyle, and risk tolerance. We help our clients achieve their personal and financial goals by building robust, holistic, long-term financial plan.

Our Financial Planning  services include:

  • Financial assessment
  • Goals setting and tracking
  • Customized financial plan preparation
  • College education savings
  • Trust and estate planning support
  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Liquidity management
  • Student and credit card debt reduction


Babylon Wealth Management offers a proprietary asset allocation model designed to helping clients achieve their financial goals by enhancing their portfolio diversification, target allocation, risk mitigation and tax optimization.

We strongly believe that investment diversification is a key to a healthy portfolio growth. We include multiple asset classes in our clients’ portfolios to decrease the overall risk of their investments.

Our tax-efficient asset allocation model helps clients achieve the highest possible return on an after-tax basis. We also offer tax loss harvesting, which can minimize your short and long-term capital gains.

Our Investment Management services include:

  • Investment objectives setting
  • Risk tolerance and portfolio risk capacity evaluation
  • Investment portfolio diversification
  • Portfolio tax efficiency enhancements
  • Risk mitigation and hedging