Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Babylon Wealth Management provides Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services to Registered Investment Advisory firms, family offices, charitable organizations, and other institutional clients. We offer highly customized portfolio management and investment strategy solutions. Our mission is to partner up with our clients and understand their unique investment circumstances and risk.

Our investment solutions emphasize on our clients’ specific objectives, growth model, and investment philosophy. We equip our customers with the investment flexibility and operational leverage to grow their practice, focus on their core services and broaden the value they bring to their stakeholders.


  • Tailored asset allocation models
  • Risk-based and goal-based investing
  • Tax efficient and advanced income strategies
  • Active management, indexing, and smart beta

Real-time Management

  • Concierge level portfolio oversight
  • Portfolio Implementation and client onboarding
  • Rebalancing and tax loss harvesting
  • Investment due diligence and ongoing monitoring

Investment Expertise

  • Independent fiduciary advice
  • Robust risk management
  • Strategic partnership and commitment
  • Integrity and client focus