15 Mistakes in personal retirement planning

As a fiduciary financial advisor, I help my clients achieve their financial goals and ensure a safe path to retirement. I often encounter issues, which if not resolved on time, can impose serious threats to meeting these life objectives. In this article, I would like to share  my experience and guide you through some of Read more »

Will Small Caps continue to rally under Trump Presidency?

Small Cap stocks are a long-time favorite of many individual investors and portfolio manager. The asset class jumped 38% since the last election. Will Small Caps continue to rally under Trump Presidency? Can they maintain their momentum? The new president Trump started with promises for domestic business growth, lower taxes, and deregulation. While details are still Read more »

6 Proven strategies for volatile markets

Proven strategies for volatile markets

What are the proven strategies for volatile markets? The truth is nobody likes to lose money. Especially money that is earmarked for retirement, vacation, real estate purchase or a college education. Today’s volatile markets can be treacherous for inexperienced (and even experienced) investors.  Successful investors must remain focused on the strength of their portfolio and the Read more »