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What We Do

Individual Investors


We offer customized financial advice focused on our clients’ specific needs, requirements and risk tolerance.

We specialize in working with entrepreneurs, startups, and health care professionals.

We promote the highest fiduciary standards of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute.

We help our clients achieve a balance between their business and personal objectives.

  • assess current financial position
  • establish your financial goals
  • build your individualized financial plan
  • help with savings for college education
  • assist with trust and estate planning
  • assist with purchase and sale of property
  • enhance your liquidity
  • help with managing your debt
  • prepare your budget and track your goals


We offer a proprietary client tailored asset allocation model designed to help our clients achieve their financial goals by enhancing their portfolio diversification, target allocation, risk mitigation and tax optimization.

We strongly believe that investment diversification is a key to a healthy portfolio growth. We include multiple asset classes in our clients’ portfolios to decrease the overall risk of their investments.

Our tax-efficient asset allocation model helps clients achieve the highest possible return on an after-tax basis. We also offer tax loss harvesting, which can minimize your short and long-term capital gains.

  • set investment objectives
  • determine risk tolerance and portfolio risk capacity
  • diversify an investment portfolio
  • enhance portfolio tax efficiency
  • focus on capital preservation and growth
  • mitigate risk in volatile markets
  • advice on employee stock options
  • manage restricted and low-cost shares

Business Investors


Our Workplace Retirement Advisory provides tailored investment and retirement solutions for small and mid-size businesses. We work with business owners to establish and promote new workplace retirement plans.

  • establish and administer employee 401k and profit sharing plans
  • develop investment policy statements
  • evaluate and monitor investment options
  • examine existing retirement plans for available investment options, appropriate benchmarking and fiduciary requirements
  • perform annual plan testing
  • prepare and provide educational services and resources to plan participants
  • provide discounted financial planning services to you and your employees open and manage solo 401k, SEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA accounts